Have you just purchased the Papillon and have no clue on how to train her? Well, this is a super easy one because this article will do justice to that. It promises to provide you with the information needed to raise a trained Papillon. So are you ready? Ok then. Let’s get rolling.

Potty Train Your Dog

They are dogs and don’t come wired to know where to pooh unless you show them. Papillon puppies are a very special dog breed that is super easy to train due to their obedient nature, and their love for tricks. However, when it comes to potty training, they are a huge mess; most puppies are. With Papillon puppies probably because they are way young and haven’t learned to control their bladder, potty training is just huge for them. But even at this, with consistency in showing them where to relieve themselves, and rewarding them each time they get it right will eventually yield positive results.

Prevent them from being Pack Leaders

We should prevent the puppies from becoming pack leaders of humans. If this happens, they tend to become overly possessive of its owners. The small dog syndrome is one that is associated with Papillon puppies when they take the alpha role; it usually isn’t healthy for the dog, as they will tend to exercise different unpleasant behavioral tendencies, such as: timidity, high-strung, biting, excessive dog aggression, and snapping amidst others.

Teach the right words to your dogs

Using the right training technique, you can get to train your dog in a most appropriate way. You want to train your dog on some command words that makes them respect you. If you have to rely strictly on treats to get your dog to obey an instruction that would mean your dog is still in charge. So teach your dogs words and in the right way, and you can be sure that they will definitely come to get used to it and obey you. Truthfully, no one craves a puppy or pet that is way out of control, and that starts from when they are still little.

Teach your Papillon to Socialize

You don’t want a puppy that is poorly mannered in relating with humans or other canines. How do you feel when you encounter puppies that are so unsocial? Gross, you may say. Well, you don’t want people feeling weird around your dogs as well. This will require that you teach your dog how to act by treating others politely.

In Conclusion

You owe it to your dog to train them else don’t bother with the purchase. And don’t forget that training starts immediately the dog is brought back home. Use every opportunity to teach your dog something new. Initially, it may seem like nothing is sinking, but eventually it will, and you’ll have yourself to thank for that.

Papillon puppies are a huge delight, and you should be proud that you own one and doing all that you are doing. With consistency, you definitely will turn your puppy into a pleasant surprise.