Papillon are a very energetic and lively breed of puppies, they don’t bark excessively and are not headstrong. They are usually very playful with kids, cats, and with other dogs. Typically, the price we sell varies, and is dependent on the age of the dog before it’s sold.

Usually, it’s way cheaper to adopt one, but you can be sure that the quality of training adopted puppies go through cannot be compared to ones raised by breeders. Ultimately, the choice of which to purchase is yours. But we encourage you to reach out to us in this regard.

We have beautiful Papillon puppies that will melt your heart at their sight. Their small size makes them very easy to handle and care for. Even though their fur is really profuse, you can rest assured that they don’t shed excessively.

Know this for sure that the Papillon is really a bossy puppy, and would often want to order around dogs’ way bigger in size. It’s indeed fearless; but this is one area we admonish our customers to watch out for because there are times that it could get messy when they encounter dogs that are equally fearless.

We train our Papillon to socialize and this is relatively easy because Papillon puppies love to socialize with humans as well as other canines. If left alone for a long time, there is a tendency that it will start barking and if not given the needed attention, it could start chewing on your personal stuff. When a Papillon you purchase from us does this, don’t fret; just know that it craves attention.

So if you know that you will consistently have to leave the puppy on its own, then we urge you to settle for another breed of puppy, as the Papillon will often demand attention.

The Papillon has so many charms; it’s beautiful, smart, decent, etc. But potty training them isn’t often one of their strengths. So be prepared to truly invest time in getting this right or you could just invest in one that has been potty trained already if you don’t want to go through the hassle. And we have variety of house trained Papillon puppy you could purchase.

It’s important you know before you make a purchase that the Papillon litter size is an average of three puppies, which is truly a very small amount; kindly also note that it’s very predominant for the Papillon bitch to give birth to a single puppy.

We frequently bath our puppies and brush them; at least once a week, and we encourage you to do same at purchase.

Our Papillon puppies are healthy, strong, and a perfect fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to holler us for details.