Papillon puppies like most other animals’ needs treatment and vaccines to stay healthy. The Papillon puppies predominantly have issues of inherited deafness, and so it’s not uncommon to see Papillon puppies whose head is covered in white. Hypothyroidism, liver stunt, urinary stones, hernias, and collapsing trachea are also other common diseases that the Papillon is highly predisposed to. They are also known to have dental issues and harmless sessions of repeated sneezing.

The Papillon is prone to hereditary eye disease known as cataract, which often leads to blindness, and progressive retinal atrophy whose end result is also blindness. Epilepsy and heart disease is increasingly affecting this breed, and so it’s a serious source of concern.

It is also predisposed to loose knee joints which would often require expensive surgery to fix or cause lameness.

While some health problems are inherited, which means you can literally do nothing about it except to subsidize pains. If the both parents of a Papillon have been tested and proven to have an eye disease, then there’s a high tendency that their puppy will inherit the issue also. So it becomes expedient to know the history of a puppy before you make an investment. Ask to see a certificate in this regard; that way, you will know what to anticipate in your puppy.

Other diseases that could affect your puppy can be avoided through the way the puppy is raised. Some of the diseases a Papillon puppy may contract are borne from being poorly catered for. And most people who are novices in terms of raising dogs are clear victims of this.

So we implore that you avoid this fatal occurrence, which will cause a puppy to suffer unduly due to your carelessness by allowing us help you in raising your puppy or you could outrightly purchase one from us. Either ways, you can certain that with us, you can never go wrong.

Treat Your Papillon Puppy

Everyone loves a treat; your dog inclusive. So if you are thinking of bonding with your puppy, one good way to achieve this would be to give her a treat. Now it is smart to use treat to reward good behavior and while you are training it.

Train the dog to understand that there’s a reward for hard work and yielding to instructions issued. Don’t make it a habit of just issuing only treats to your dog. Your goal should be to train your dog to be responsive to verbal praise and a pat for a good job as well. Ensure to offer treats in bits and pieces when training your dog on adhering to commands and tricks. Offering treats at mouth level is perfect so that the puppy don’t have to jump for it.

You don’t want your dog out of shape, so try and restrict the amount of treat you give her; whether as a reward or not. Preferably, give your puppy aromatic treat like little bits of hot dog, cheese or a treat bought from the store. Whatever you decide, just ensure though that the treats are soft so that your puppy can easily eat it while training.